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This month CoverWelcome Health & Fitness Magazine Readers!

Thank you for picking up or clicking on this month's issue of Health & Fitness Magazine.

Editor’s Notes

This issue brings you many more ideas to improve your health, fitness and life. It's a good year to have one of the biggest holiday get-togethers you've had yet – this issue will provide you with plenty of new ideas for food for these special days. You'll find some great ice creams from around the world that are accessible locally and are okay for diabetics as well. Ice cream is one of the diabetic desserts that are allowed because the glycemic index is low. Find some gluten-free desserts as well, and check out our new ideas for meats and turkey brine sure to please large crowds.

 Keep up your healthy holiday thinking when purchasing gifts for Christmas. Megan White has quite a few ideas in the cover story on page 18-19.

 And as always, let us know what you're thinking and the types of topics you'd like to find out more about.

Happy Holidays from us all here at Health & Fitness Magazine!

--Dr. Donna, Editor


Stay Healthy & Fit!

Gary G. Burns


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