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Editor’s Notes

The winter is a good time to take care of nagging health and  fitness issues from the rest of the year. For example, do you have a skin disorder that still isn’t solved? Or a back/neck problem that needs attention so that you can be active come spring? What about an old bike sitting around in the garage that needs attention to make it functional?

I trust you’ll find plenty of answers to common problems in this month’s issue. I love the work of Dr. Madalene Heng, M.D. that is explained in our cover story. She gave her whole life for those who suffer from stubborn skin disorders. Check it out and pass the info on to your friends if they have skin problems.
Have a great winter – and remember that you’re only a natural remedy away from your health and fitness solutions!

            Dr. Donna and the Staff at Health & Fitness Magazine


Stay Healthy & Fit!

Gary G. Burns


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