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This month CoverWelcome Health & Fitness Magazine Readers!

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Editor’s Notes

This month, you’ll have the opportunity to find our how you can be part of making a world record (see Cover Story, pg. 19). You’ll find out how walking barefoot can change your health and your life – within a few weeks or less.  If you decide to run barefoot, it’s a good idea to know the rules before your delicate feet hit the pavement. See the article on page 11 and 12, and read the review of the movie, The Grounded, pg.31.

One health professional you absolutely have to know about is Dr. Gary Rinzler, M.D., who has a solution for those with pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression. His unique method of treatment is the wave of the future – and is painless. If you hve a loved one in need of addiction treatment, his method will also work for that. See pgs. 22-24.

Have a great summer! Let us know what you are doing that is fun and makes you fit and healthy!!

--Dr. Donna, Editor


Stay Healthy & Fit!

Gary G. Burns


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