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Editor’s Notes

It’s the holiday season and it’s a great time to be exceptionally thankful for everything we have. When you are singing, you can’t help but be happy – and hopefully thankful!

I found something that I thought you would find very inspirational for this time of the year called The Phillips Breathless Choir. This was a project where someone had the initial idea to offer help and support to those who lost the ability to sing. For example, some of them had COPD, cystic fibrosis, lung tumors, lung removal, and other types of health issues.

Within the course of a week, they were all singing, thanks to the training of a voice trainer and choral director from the UK. Here are some videos for you to watch and get inspired:

Meet the singers -
Every breath you take performance
Phillips Breathless Choir
The transformation
Breathing, singing and health

Keep singing all through the holidays! And stay healthy! Do something that will make you a little healthier this month!

Happy Holidays!
            Dr. Donna and the Staff at Health & Fitness Magazine


Stay Healthy & Fit!

Gary G. Burns


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