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Editor’s Notes

Wow, this edition of H&FM is a paradigm changer. Who would have thought someone could have perfected the process of addiction recovery treatment to the point where 90% success is possible? And the best part of it is that the treatments are done naturally. This month's cover story is a definite read for you as it may help others you meet who need this type of help. I had no idea how toxic and how damaging the conventional drug treatment centers were until we started this investigation. The Holistic Sanctuary is making amazing progress for those who are addicted – including those addicted to opiates for pain control.

Springtime is here and it's always a good time to increase your vitamin D levels naturally. Stay safe, and if you have kids, it's a good time to begin reminding them of what to do in strange situations where they could potentially be unsafe.

Happy Spring!

--Dr. Donna, Editor


Stay Healthy & Fit!

Gary G. Burns


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