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Editor’s Notes

It’s with great sadness that I bring the news about Gracie, our Health & Fitness Mascot in this issue. She passed away on Mar. 2nd peacefully at home. She had retired from mascot work in 2008 and had loved every minute of it. Her mission in life was to offer love every chance she could, despite any aches in her permanently injured leg that day or not, and always act for the camera.

I recall one time she practiced for Miss Tilly’s return in the back yard when another of her friends returned after being away for two years. She was right on cue for every take of the camera. She was also the star of one of my children’s books, still in the design stage, and again was right on cue. Always willing to go for another car ride and a healthy attitude for healthy dog foods, she rejected traditional dog foods and ground beef completely about 5 years ago before over 20 different animal DNAs were found in ground beef. Gracie won’t be easily replaced.

Do you have a loving pet that makes your life all the better? What a comfort!

This issue brings you a few new methods to look your best that are light years ahead of all others. It’s totally possible to spot reduce like never before. Read about it on page 18. In this issue, I added some other health advancements, such as how to eliminate PMS cramps, and wrote a few other articles about supposedly degenerative diseases that can’t be erased but really they are.

The final frontier in health will be won when we conquer the mystery of our bacterial flora. Did you know your body is 90% bacteria and 10% your own cells? Scientists are finding that even mood can be controlled by changing the bacteria. Check out all these articles and more this issue… and give your dog a big hug today for us!

--Dr. Donna, Editor



Stay Healthy & Fit!

Gary G. Burns

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